Tethered balloon rides are a terrific option when want to enjoy a balloon ride but stay in one place.  Visit our sister site Balloon Tether to see some awesome pictures and learn more about our tethering options.

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Senior Tethers

Tethered Balloon Rides for Seniors

S_in_Balloon_2-300x200We are Indiana’s experts in tethered balloon rides. For tethers we utilize the Easy Access Basket (it has a door) so our passengers can get in and out of the basket much easier and faster than all other baskets. We can even take walkers and wheelchairs in the basket!

For safety reasons, we only offer tethered rides approx two hours before sunset and at sunrise until up to 3 hours after.

Offering tethered balloon rides makes an exciting event for your community. For senior communities we can take approx 35 folks up in an hour, this depends how many folks are in wheelchairs.


We charge two different ways:

Option #1 We charge a showup fee and then a per person fee

Option #2 We can charge a flat hourly rate


We can be reached at 317-863-0318 or use the form below to contact us for more information.


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