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Give the Gift of a Balloon Ride This Holiday Season for ONLY $199 Per Person (reg. $249)!

Printable Certificate - Available Anytime!

Get your certificate for only $199 per person today

(normally $249 per person)!

  • Gift certificate is valid for 2 years and CAN be transferred. 
  • You can add additional family and friends at the same price when you book your ride in 2019! That is correct, by buying our special offer today you are locking in the same price to have family and friends ride with you (up to 6 additional people can go in one balloon with you).
  • But keep in mind you do not need additional people to fly, we will match you up with a 3 to 6 new friends that will fly with you on the day you book.
  • Shared the Fun Rides can be upgraded to private rides!

What Is a Share the Fun Ride?

You and up to 5 additional passengers (new friends) will soar into the sky in our new beautiful hot air balloon. Our basket was built in Europe and has a very cushy floor, padded walls, lots of handles and tall enough to make you feel secure as we fly in the sky! You can come alone or bring friends to fly with you. For those with 5 or less people we will match other passengers to fly with you.

Available Options

Printed Certificate - Available via email anytime!

The FUN Package

Fulfill the needs of your inner child and drop a toy parachute from several thousand feet, throw a bouncing ball on an unsuspecting sunbather, play Frisbee, and blow bubbles.

Available for pickup in Fishers or mailed for an additional $10

Our Rides Include The Following…


Flexible reservations where YOU select the date and time that works best for you.


Surprise fun during each ride, which we can’t tell you.


Up to 60 minutes total flight time, with many flights being just a smidge over 60 minutes.


Ceremonial toast after the flight, with non-alcoholic options available upon request.


Professionally shot and edited video footage of your ride, available for purchase and provided via YouTube or USB Flash Drive. (NOTE: Please ask in advance so we can bring the equipment)

Save Even MORE With Friends!

If you have a group of friends you’d like to fly with you can save up to $300 OFF a ride with up to 6 passengers. Take a look at the table below to see the savings options in this special holiday offer:

Passengers Regular Savings You Pay Today
1 $249 $50 off $199
2 $498 $100 off $398
3 $747 $150 off $597
4 $996 $200 off $796
5 $1,245 $250 off $995
6 $1,494 $300 off $1194

Got Questions?

We’re more than happy to answer ANY question you may have. Contact us and we’ll respond within 1 business day.

Kind Words From Happy Customers

Thank you so much for an experience we will never forget. We appreciate how you went above and beyond to make our ride a very enjoyable one. It was awesome!

Rick, Michelle, & Elizabeth

Thank you so much for the best evening ever! I had such a good time on our ride last night and I will remember it forever.

Greg & Denice

I want to thank you, John and the crew for an incredible day that we will never forget and treasure forever!! My wife and her best friend had the time of their lives! What a beautiful day/evening. God truly blessed the day. Wishing you, your family and crew the very best! Thanks again, and take care!