To all of our friends, followers, and passengers,

First of all, we hope you are both physically & mentally staying healthy. Though we are not medical professionals, it is important to know we are thinking of your well-being as we start off our ballooning season in the very near future.

Fortunately, hot air balloons are not large gathering places. We want you to feel safe when you are flying with Midwest Balloon Rides. So as a result, With Covid-19 in mind, we are adding procedures this season in the best interest of our passengers and our team.

Below you will find our procedures for both flights & tethers, we may change these procedures if we learn of new ways to make your time with us safer!

Thank you for your continued trust in Midwest Balloon Rides as we work our way through these circumstances with your wellbeing in mind.

See you in the sky soon!

– Anthony Sandlin & the Midwest Team