Pre-Dawn Flights

Looking for something different and very unique in the sport of ballooning?

Be in the sky before the sun rises! Your flight will start in the darkness of the night. See the lights of the city while everyone else is still in bed. Watch the sunrise from the sky rather than the ground. What an awesome experience it is. Your flight will conclude after the sun has risen.

Pre-Dawn Flights lift off approximately 59 minutes before sunrise, no sooner due to FAA rules.

  • $799 for two passengers
  • $999 for three passengers
  • $1099 for four passengers

1. Ride WILL be a private flight which means only you and your family or friends in the basket.

2. Ride will be in the Easy Access Basket (no climbing). Rides for two may not be in the Easy Access Basket unless requested, so please make sure to ask.

3. You can select and reserve date and time (sunrise or sunset) that works for your schedule.

4. You will be in the air for an hour or more.

5. Ceremonial toast after the flight

6. “Thanks for flying with Us” gift


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