Share the Fun


$349 for one person, or $299 per person for two or more!

  1. You can select and reserve a date and time (sunrise or sunset) that works for your schedule, based on availability.
  2. This will be a shared ride. You will be with other passengers (New friends).
  3. You will be in the air 45 to 60 minutes. (Most flights are 60 minutes or just over)
  4. We will take pictures during your flight that we will provide to you afterwards.
  5. Ceremonial toast after the flight, non-alcoholic available.  

Please read our booking policies for detailed information about our flights!

Our Share the Fun rides are shared balloon rides with up to 6 people, or as we like to call them, 6 new friends! This is a perfect option for smaller groups of people who don’t need a private experience, but are still interested in taking to the skies with us. You will join other small groups so that we can fill the basket, and we pass the savings on to you! We offer this ride for sunrise and for sunset on most days.

The entire experience will last approximately 3 hours, which includes watching the hot air balloon take shape and prepare for liftoff. You will then float through the sky for about 1 hour taking in surreal views that cannot be seen any other way. We will snap pictures while you enjoy the view. We will make sure these get passed along to you once our ride is complete! Upon returning to the ground, you will have the opportunity to help us pack the balloon up. After the balloon is packed away we will share the story of how ballooning got started as we provide our traditional toast!

Share the Fun rides meet in the Hamilton County area, located on the northside of Indianapolis. From the meeting spot, you will ride with us to one of our 45+ launch sites. Launch sites are selected based on wind direction and speed the day of your flight. 

Booking Fees – in order to have a well-performing booking system the company that supplies and supports the system does charge a booking fee to all guests that use the system.  That fee is 8%, if your ride is canceled more than 3 times or if your ride is a one-date opportunity only we can refund that amount upon request.  If you do not want to pay this fee please call our office at 317-863-0318 and we will help you book your ride!

Prefer a private ride? Learn more here!