A tether ride is when we anchor one of our hot air balloons to the ground to launch and land over and over again in the very same spot. Tether experiences are perfect for large group gatherings at events, festivals, and parties. It’s an excellent way to give a short ride in a real hot air balloon to large groups of people over several hours. Our team specializes in providing these tethers, and our multiple doored-entry baskets allows us to take far more people per hour than our competitors and removes the need for passengers to climb up and over a traditional basket.

A hot air balloon tether requires a good open spot to launch from and our team takes care of the rest! As with all ballooning activities, tethers are extremely weather dependent and require ideal conditions to be conducted safely. In addition, all ballooning activities take place in the morning or evening when winds are at their calmest points. We’ve provided tethers all across the country at venues large and small, and they are almost always the crowd favorite.

Rates & Pricing:

Pricing for tethers is dependent on several factors, including location, expected number of passengers, and desired duration. Please get in touch through our contact page and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and put together a no-obligation quote. You’ll speak directly with one of our career pilots.

Typically, we charge in one of two ways:

Option #1: We charge a setup fee, as well as a per-occupant fee.

Option #2: We charge a flat hourly rate. (If desired, we will provide tickets and our register equipment so that you collect a per person fee from occupants yourself.)

Please feel free to reach out at 317-863-0318 or visit the Contact Us page for more information. We will personally respond to your questions, and there’s no obligation.