Wheelchair Flights

Our wheelchair flights use a specially designed basket that has a clear door, which allows easy access and a clear view from a seated position during the flight. In addition to the door, the basket has a harness system that safely secures the wheelchair to the floor and side of the basket.

Powered chairs are not are preferred due to size and weight restrictions. We have a chair that can be used, or we may be able to use your chair. 

If you must stay in your own motorized chair, contact us to discuss options.

Due to the size of the basket we can only take the passenger in the wheelchair and three additional passengers.

Wheelchair flights are offered Monday through Thursday. We prefer morning flights for wheelchairs as they are typically much calmer winds then evening flights.  We also understand mornings can be a bit too early for some.

Wheelchair flights are priced the same as private rides, you can see pricing here.

There may be an additional charge if the person in the wheelchair cannot ride to and from the launch location in a normal pickup truck. In this case we can provide a driver for your vehicle at an additional cost of $75.