Your Town Balloon Tour 2018

Take FLIGHT over Your Town!

Coming to Your Town in 2018

Experience the most peaceful form of flight!

  • This once in a lifetime experience lasts approximately three hours
  • Watch the hot air balloon take shape and prepare for lift off
  • We will stay aloft for at least 45 minutes, with most flights lasting about an hour
  • See surreal and unique views of your hometown
  • You’ll even be able to help us pack the balloon on landing
  • After the flight we’ll share a toast to celebrate your new status as an aeronaut, and share the story of how ballooning got started

The total cost is just $279 per person, and you can reserve your spot TODAY for only a $19 deposit per person. There is a six person minimum to fly, but YOU don’t have to book all six people; we’ll match you up with others! If by chance fill the needed number of passengers we’ll refund your deposit in full.


Float over your town and have a perspective most others in your community will never experience or see in their life!



Pick your town from the list below and claim one of the rides with a $19 deposit.


On or about April 1, 2018 we will send you an email to confirm we have our minimum six people booked. At that time we will offer you the dates we will be coming (there will be options to pick from). Dates will range from May through September. If a large number sign up this will allow us to offer more dates and times


After your date is set and just prior to us coming to your town we will require an additional deposit of $100.


If the weather does not allow us to fly on the dates set we will reschedule. *If the new dates and times we offer will not work for you we will refund your deposit paid (no fees will be charged).


Please keep in mind the times for balloon flights happen just before sunrise and 2 hours before sunset.

Not ready to book yet?

Get on the list to be altered when we have the minimum number set and or when dates are set!

Do something few have ever done!

The greatest experience of a lifetime!

Be the envy of your neighbors and whole town!